About the T/A Initiative

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/A Initiative) is a donor collaborative working to expand the impact and scale of transparency, accountability and participation interventions.

We are focused on building a more just, equitable and inclusive society by providing a platform for collaboration, collective action and strategic conversation among funders.

What we do

The Transparency, Accountability and Participation field is one of the fastest growing public movements of recent years. It brings together a wide range of organisations and projects aimed at promoting greater openness on the part of governments, companies and other institutions so that all citizens are informed and empowered, governments are open and responsive, and citizen engagement with government is able to effectively advance public good.

We aim to seize on this momentum by supporting policy change and encouraging all those working in this field to learn from their successes and failures so that they can have greater impact in the future.

After five years of successful operation, T/AI is in the process of developing a new strategy that builds on the lessons learned from the organization’s activities to date, contextualizes our work in promising frontiers in the transparency and accountability field, and continues to bridge sectoral and expertise “silos”. Read more about T/AI’s efforts to reinvent itself here.

Traditionally, T/AI’s focus has been on expanding approaches that work and improving impact in three areas:

Learning about where, when and how initiatives inform effective interventions

Harnessing the potential of new technologies throughout the transparency and accountability movement

Policy and programming in key transparency and accountability fields

We believe in the huge potential to make concrete gains by bringing together different strands of the thriving global transparency and accountability movement. Working with governments, foundations, NGOs and other practitioners, we galvanise support for ambitious new ideas and promote better funding for this field of work.

Who we are

The collaborative is led by a diverse group of five leading funders in the field that includes private foundations and a leading bilateral donor:

Ford Foundation Hewlett Foundation Omidyar Network Open Society Foundations UKAid

For more information, contact the Transparency and Accountability Initiative: contact@transparency-initiative.org