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Request for Input on the Open Government Partnership

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Sources: Open Government Partnership & International Budget Partnership

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is requesting input from the open government community on two aspects of the OGP: the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) and civil society experiences.

The IRM  is one of the original pillars of the OGP. Its general function is described in the original seven participation steps to OGP, as well as in the Articles of Governance.  The Standards and Criteria subcommittee has elaborated a proposed overall process and framework of the IRM, which will be overseen by an independent expert panel (IEP).

The OGP Steering Committee is requesting comments on the overall process and framework of the IRM.  A concept note detailing the proposed process is presented on the OGP website for consultation. Please send any comments to or post your comments on OGP’s blog “Good ideas come from everywhere” at  All comments will be discussed by the Standards and Criteria subcommittee and will be made public, along with the final version of the overall framework.

The OGP Steering Committee is also in the process of recruiting a program manager for the IRM as well as candidates for the IEP. Nominations for both are encouraged. The call for nominations for the IEP is included in the IRM concept note. The IRM program manager job description can be found under the employment tab on the OGP website.

The civil society survey, conducted by Paul Maassen, OGP Civil Society Coordinator provides a snapshot of the OGP players and insights into year one experiences at the national level. It will also provide Paul with the information needed to improve communications within the OGP community and to figure out what is needed to make OGP a success (and what you can bring to the community). For any questions, contact Paul: | skype: maassenpaul | Phone: +31 646 16 78 56 (or +32 492 97 60 43).

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