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The effect of state–society interactions on Transparency & Accountability – building bridges between research and practice

$s Published: 5 years, 5 months and 21 days ago

On 19 April, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative and Hivos brought together at The Hague a roundtable of funders, civil society organizations, and researchers from all over the world. The subject was the potential of improved links between supply- and demand-side approaches in practice, research, and learning to make transparency and accountability interventions more effective.

The aim was to begin building bridges between research and practice by thinking together about opportunities and challenges.


T/AI conducted a series of activities:

1.    We collated existing work (academic, grey, evaluations, applications, etc.) on supply- and demand-side T/A interventions or their linkages, and produced a list of papers and summaries of them. This list wasn’t meant to be exhaustive, but was intended to help participants account for their own experiences and needs as T/A funders, advocates, academics and so on.  

2.    We asked participants to write a very brief “think piece” to share with other participants in advance of the meeting. These  were intended to provoke thought and reflection, as well as be an opportunity to share personal opinions and critical analyses of a reading before bringing them to the roundtable. The think pieces were not formal, emotional, refined or heavily edited. Some were even be speculative.  However, they provided great food for thought

3.    Three volunteers – Joy Aceron of Government Watch (G-Watch; Philippines), Abhijit Das of the Centre for Health and Social Justice (India), and Gustavo Maurino of the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ; Argentina) – presented real world case studies related to the roundtable’s key issues:


Highlights of the conversation and details of where we might go from here will feature in upcoming posts.

We are currently putting together some thought-provoking pieces that we hope will help move the conversation forward. These will also be linked to our broader discussion of TALEARN – our community of practice on impact and learning.  Stay tuned!


Florencia Guerzovich, Program Officer, Transparency & Accountability Initiative 



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