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T/AI to Partner with Global Integrity on New Research on Open Government Partnership


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Last year, T/AI launched a call for proposals to fund new research on the Open Government Partnership (OGP).  Specifically, T/AI’s call sought research that would explore the dynamics of OGP processes across several countries to better understand whether and how pro-reform actors were able to leverage OGP to pursue more accountable governance on the ground.

We are excited to announce that T/AI will be partnering with Global Integrity and a selection of highly regarded researchers and civil society organizations across five countries to carry out this research.  Global Integrity has proven expertise in cross-country research on governance issues and has been involved in OGP since its inception.  We believe that Global Integrity and the team they have assembled are well placed to take on this important research endeavor.

Now is the right time for this kind of study.  The OGP is still growing and evolving with an exciting year ahead in 2015.  But the initiative is also maturing, with a four-year strategy for achieving its goals and a research agenda to understand what’s working and what’s not.  This builds upon work already done through the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM), which produced a paper last year based on aggregated data from IRM country reports detailing much of what we know about OGP to date.  T/AI is excited to play a role in contributing to new knowledge that will help us understand how OGP is playing out across different country contexts, and in doing so, inform key stakeholders about how they can best advance accountable governance through the OGP framework.

This research also builds on T/AI’s ongoing engagement with OGP, and with international multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) more broadly.  T/AI has been active in promoting conversations about how these initiatives contribute to change, including a roundtable facilitated by Professor Jonathan Fox (see insights from this discussion here) and thinking about potential research to better understand the impact of these initiatives.  T/AI will continue to advance thinking and dialogue on the role of MSIs as we bring together diverse stakeholders from OGP and other international initiatives (such as EITI and CoST, among others) in Washington, D.C. next week, to discuss the existing evidence related to these efforts and the implications for funders, practitioners, civil society, and other stakeholders.

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