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How are TALEARNERS building a safe space for collective learning in the T/A field?

$s Published: 5 years, 4 months and 28 days ago


Florencia Guerzovich, Program Officer,  Impact and Learning

TALEARN is a community of Transparency and Accountability funders, civil society organizations, and researchers from all over the world who come together to engage and learn from each other. It is a safe space in which tough questions can be asked.  Although TALEARN is only a few months old, its goals are ambitious. Nothing quite like it has been attempted before.  So we would like to share some of the concrete work that is currently under way to learn about the nexus of transparency, participation, and accountabilitySee here.

Over the next few months we are planning activities to learn collectively about a range of issues that matter to TALEARNERS and strengthen our community. These  could include themes such as how context affect T/A interventions as well as how we can use user centred design and other tools to incentivize learning within T/A organizations and networks.

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