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Apparently Transparent: Does accountability deliver?

$s$s Published: 5 years, 5 months and 17 days ago. Tagged in accountability, aid transparency, citizen participation, transparency

The Broker

Rosemary McGee discuses the recent rise in popularity of Transparency and Accountability Initiatives in this article published on the Broker Webpage.

Accountability and Transparency are thought to reduce corruption and increase effectiveness and citizen participation in government activities. In 2004 the World Development Report identified that lack of accountability was the cause of service delivery failures and corrupt practices. Transparency and Accountability Initiatives (TAI’s) are currently working within many fields and sectors such as extractive industries, aid development, budget transparency and, technology and transparency.

Although TAI’s have been seen to have positive effects there are not enough studies that detail the benefits of these initiatives. For that reason and to continue to attract funding and encourage further research as well as implementation, there needs to be an increase in well defined TAI’s and well designed studies  that give concrete, robust evidence of their effectiveness.

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