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Chile becomes a new champion for effective development


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Chile sent a strong signal at the conference by announcing its membership of theInternational initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie). The Planning Ministry has a proven strong commitment to effective development spending with the establishment of theCompass Commission to pilot innovative programs based on impact evaluations.

“Chile is the most committed country in the world to use evidence to improve people’s lives”, said Planning Minister Felipe Kast. “In Chile we are moving to a plan where we want to have more ethics on public spending, particularly on social expenditure. If we are serious in reducing poverty, we need to use all the resources we have. 3ie is a great partner to work together with the Planning Ministry to reach the goal of zero extreme poverty”, he added.

“Having Chile as a member of 3ie is the beginning of many more South-South collaborations to spark a movement in using good evidence to make effective policies that makes a difference in the lives of Chileans“, said Paul Gertler, 3ie Chairman and Professor at University of California, Berkley.

It is always important to show what would have happened had a programme not been implemented. Rigorous impact evaluations have successfully convinced political leaders in Latin America, and more recently in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, to invest in social safety-net programs following the positive results of the evaluation of the Mexican Progresa program, which is making direct cash transfers to 25 million poor people.

“In Latin America, people don’t believe in politicians anymore. Since the credibility is so low, policymakers must use good evidence to convince citizens that programmes are working”, concluded Felipe Kast.

By Christelle Chapoy

Source: Mind The Gap Forum 2011

Date: 20 June 2011

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