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Clinton highlights the Open Government Partnership at OECD


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Hillary Clinton at OECD (Reuters)

On May 26, at the Gender and Development session of the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsed a new framework for an OECD strategy for development.  In her speech Clinton reinforced her Administration’s commitment to reworking the relationship between donors and recipient countries, with a new emphasis on accountability, country ownership and sustainable, broad-based growth.  Clinton also shared her hopes that as OECD expands their efforts they “will put a particular focus on taxation, transparency, and corruption.”

In her remarks, Clinton emphasized: “Corruption, lack of transparency, and poorly functioning tax systems not only deprive government of revenues; they inflict a quieter and in some ways an even more dangerous cost as well, because they corrode citizens’ trust in each other and in their government. And when those bonds of trust crumble, it becomes much more difficult for communities and countries to make progress.”

Also discussed was the importance of “partnering with developing countries on reforms in three interconnected areas – taxes, transparency, and corruption – because focusing on these three will give us the tools needed to enable more countries to fund more of their own development.”

In light of their commitment to strengthening partnership, Clinton highlighted the work of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).  This new  collaboration, which the Transparency & Accountability Initiative supports, will bring together “partners from many countries and sectors to support governments’ efforts to become more transparent, accountable, and participatory. The meeting will pave the way for heads of state to participate in a summit on the sidelines of this year’s United Nations General Assembly.”

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