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Consultancy Opportunity: Natural Resources Governance mapping and analysis for strategy

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The Natural Resources Governance field has seen rapid growth in the last two years, both in the approaches taken and the diversity of actors involved. To help inform the strategic planning and concerted action of these various parties, the Revenue Watch Institute and the Transparency and Accountability Initiative wish to commission a mapping and analysis of the field. The specific objectives are:

  • To identify the major threats to advancing natural resource governance – current and emerging.
  • Against this backdrop to map the actors working in the natural resource governance space, including donors, international financial institutions, and international organizations. This mapping will involve an analysis of how actors approach these threats, the strengths and weakness they bring and the areas for coordinated action, or persistent gaps.
  • To highlight innovative approaches and strategies from within and outside the Natural Resources Governance field from which future work should build on and link to.

In early 2013, two key meetings may also take place in an effort to inform and advance the field of Natural Resources Governance – a meeting of international CSOs, and a meeting of donors, dates to be confirmed. If so, this mapping and analysis will also help inform these discussions.


We are looking for a consultant to undertake this mapping and analysis. The ideal candidate will:

  • Be able to start as soon as possible, ideally in November 2012, and then be able to dedicate time consistently until January 2013. Our first estimate is for a total of 20-25 days.
  • Be well-versed in the natural resource governance (especially global trends and issues relating to improving transparency, participation and accountability) and have a global network of contacts to enable rapid mapping and analysis – ideally these will be include those in the private, government, civil society and funding sectors.
  • Be knowledgeable about a broad range of transparency, participation and accountability trends and approaches – these may be undergoing development in other sectors, but may also have relevance and utility in the NRG sector (e.g. international governance initiatives; use of new tech and open data; trends in modelling and measuring impact; links between civil, political, social and economic rights etc.).
  • Understand the positioning and perspectives of civil society and donors, and have strong experience in producing products that are of practical use to these stakeholders. This will ideally include the generation of visual maps and summaries as well as written reports.


Download the Terms of Reference


Please send a CV and letter to and, including your reasons for interest in the consultancy and cost estimate for the work.

Deadline is Thursday November 29thth 2012, but early responses will be appreciated.

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