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Consultancy Opportunity: TALEARN – Impact and Learning Community of Practice


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The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI) recently convened a group of over 50 funders, civil society organizations, and researchers from all over the world in Cape Town (South Africa) to start working together on issues of impact and learning in the field of transparency and accountability, and to launch a community of practice (TALEARN) to sustain this work over time.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the challenges that participants face in their practice and how to strengthen their relationships with each other. As a result of the meeting, participants formed “practice groups” around five priority issues. One of these groups (T-A-P Nexus Practice Group) will focus on how to better understand and leverage the connection between transparency, accountability and participation (T-A-P). The overall aim of the T-A-P Practice Group is to move beyond general statements about the lack of knowledge in this area and capitalize on the collective resources and experiences of the TALEARN members in order to undertake specific initiatives that help advance further learning around the T-A-P nexus.

The T-A-P nexus group expects to collectively contribute to build and sustain a knowledge repository that organizes in a clear and understandable way what the field collectively knows about the T-A-P nexus, including past, on-going and future projects and initiatives.

The repository aims to identify what we know about TAP2, what we do not know, what we would like to know, and what methods can be used to fill in the gaps. Although gaps still remain, the group’s assumption is that there is a more substantial body of knowledge on transparency and accountability than is currently reported, particularly located within the practitioner community.3 Presumptively, we could add the greatest value to the field by focusing the exercise on participation and its relationships with transparency and accountability.

We are seeking a consultant to broker, structure, and pilot the T-A-P Knowledge repository.

Please find the Terms of reference with additional information here (T-A-P nexus knowdlege Repository Final TOR v09082013)

Proposals should be submitted to by August 26 COB.

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