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G8 leaders commit to greater aid transparency in 2011


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G8 Summit Deauville

Today’s Communiqué from the G8 Summit in Deauville outlines G8 leaders’ commitments to greater aid transparency:

“We will improve transparency of our aid information. In particular, we will make further efforts on publishing information on allocations, expenditure and results. Information will be provided in accessible formats that deliver on the needs of partner countries and citizens. In this respect, it is important that partner countries also improve transparency. We recognise that individual countries will proceed at their own pace but we will lead by example through increasing transparency in this area and work with others in advance of the Fourth High Level Forum in Korea in November 2011.” Para. 62 Deauville G8 Declaration: Renewed Commitment for Freedom and Democracy

Aid transparency is a key issue on which charities and aid groups have been pressing the G8 for years.  As Karin Christiansen, Director of Publish What You Fund argues in the Guardian: “When information is comparable and accessible, aid transparency helps citizens to follow the money – from the donor down to the textbooks, medicines and miles of road built.”

The Transparency & Accountability Initiative is committed to improving aid transparency by examining progress and proposing ways to fill gaps in both the supply of and demand for information on international aid flows.

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