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How can NGOs rigorously evaluate their impact?


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NGO’s face many difficulties when trying to measure and analyse the effectiveness of  their projects. This can often be due to a lack of resources and because already established effectiveness analysis techniques are not necessarily applicable to the variety of projects carried out by NGO’s. But knowing how effective projects are and what does or does not work within a project is essential for projects to adapt, improve and evolve along with the societies that they work in.

3ie’s latest working paper  ‘Can we obtain the required rigour without randomisation?’ outlines these difficulties and gives an alternative approach for ‘effectiveness auditing’ that will help NGO’s better understand and analyse their projects’ impact.  This technique is one currently used by Oxfam GB and is easily adapted to different types of projects.  The paper also suggests other strategies that can be used to either complement ‘effectiveness auditing’ or on their own by NGO’s that find that the suggested technique is not adaptable to their project.

To read 3ie’s working paper visit their webpage.

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