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T/AI launches global community of practice on Impact and Learning

$s Published: 4 years, 1 months and 20 days ago. Tagged in accountability, Community of Practice, impact, learning, transparency

At the Transparency and Accountability Initiative we are very excited.  We will be launching our global community of practice on Impact and Learning. The launch meeting will take place in Cape Town on February 17-20, 2013.

The goal of this community is to take impact and learning in the field of Transparency and Accountability to a new level (see our one-pager description). In preparation for this event, we have talked with about 100 colleagues in various organizations. All agree that there is an urgent need for innovative approaches to impact and learning and that the field is ready for an ambitious global project on the topic. We have also concluded that true progress will require a sustained conversation among stakeholders, including civil society organizations, funders, and evaluation experts.

To seize this opportunity, we have invited more than 25 global, regional, and local civil society organizations, 15 colleagues from funding organizations, and 10 experts to come together in Cape Town. The objective of the launch meeting is to agree on a shared agenda for the community over the short and medium term and start working together on prioritized issues (see the meeting’s agenda).

We are inspired by the large number of organizations and individuals enthusiastic about addressing the field’s toughest questions together, but these are the early days of our community. The Cape Town meeting is only the first event in this joint learning journey.  If you are a civil society organization, funder, or expert working in transparency, and Accountability and are interested in joining our community or following our work, please let us know on this form. You can also sign up to be included in the meeting’s newsfeed. Your input will help shape where we go in the next phase.



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