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Getting Involved with the Open Government Partnership’s Networking Mechanism


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Date: 4 August 2011

As a member of the OGP Steering Committee the Transparency and Accountability Initiative would like to extend an invitation sent out by the OGP on the 4th August 2011.

Governments, civil society, private firms and others with expertise in open government have been invited to participate in the OGP Networking Mechanism where there will be the chance to participate in shaping the direction of the Open Government Movement globally.

The OGP Networking Mechanism will provide a platform for NGO’s, private sector and governments to discuss and develop new ways of engaging and empowering citizens. Working together will mean greater access to expertise and new technologies that can contribute towards a more efficient implementation of projects that participating governments have committed to.

One of the main functions of the OGP Networking mechanism will be to link governments with the relevant expertise supplied by NGO’s, private firms and other peer governments. Organisations, on the other hand, will benefit from networking opportunities and also the exposure that the network will provide. In order to be able to contribute expertise and participate in the OGP Networking Mechanism please complete the Supply side Survey .

For further information about the OGP Networking Mechanism please visit the Global Integrity webpage.


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