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OGP Session: Land Transparency

$s Published: 3 years, 4 months and 23 days ago

Jed Miller, TABridge Editor


Our OGP session on transparency in land ownership and land use spanned sectors and prompted a range of practical recommendations from campaigners.

The October 31 panel introduced by T/AI Director Vanessa Herringshaw also marked the launch of the Land section of the new Open Government Guide from the Transparency and Accountability Initiative.

Panelists included Lorenzo Cotula of IIED, Jaime Escobedo of Perue’s Center for Social Studies (CEPES), Janet Gunter of the International Land Coalition, Michael Jarvis of the World Bank’s OpenContracting project, Megan MacInnes of Global Witness and Dr. Adam Patrick Nyaruhuma from Tanzania’s Ministry of Lands.

“It was especially interesting to watch as the group identified shared interests across different sectors,” Herringshaw said. “If we all work together, we can have enough weight to push for change: to call for more open data, more open contracting, and better and more transparent cost-benefit-risk assessments.

Building on his comments from the talk, Michael Jarvis said, “We need more accessible data on land ownership and the details of land investments. Open data platforms highlighting what is available and what is not will help, but we also need to build the capacity of “infomediaries at the local level to help the most affected communities find and use the information that is most relevant to them.”

One of the highlights of the talk was Gunter’s presentation of the Land Matrix initiative. See below for selected tweets about the session, and read these excellent notes compiled by Janet Gunter.

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