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A for Government: The Future of Budget Monitoring


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Credit: Guardian, Jenny Ridley

Date: 27th July2011

David Sasaki discusses the importance of online platforms in budget transparency. Many states provide access to their budget but in a form that is not easily understandable or easy to collate for the public and organisations. Computer platforms can be the key to provide clear transparent data as it can automate and display data in an understandable format. Sasaki gives examples of online budget platform projects that have tried to do just this, such as; Fundar in Mexico that created an online budget platform that uses visual diagrams and pie charts of national budget data.

Even though programmers around the world are willing to create open source online budget platforms, they still face difficulties when trying to access budget data such as the accuracy or availability of complete data. Despite these difficulties, computer programmers in Argentina and Israel have managed to convince their governments of the benefits of budget transparency and are now working together to create national online budget platforms.

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