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Vacancy: Global Integrity seeking new Indaba Product Manager

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Original post: Global Integrity, 16 January 2013

Continuing to build and improve the Indaba fieldwork platform is a major focus for Global Integrity in the coming years. We feel that Indaba has the potential to transform the government transparency and accountability space, as well as the broader social sector, by providing tools through which individuals and organizations can field more experimental and ambitious research projects at lower cost and at greater scale. Coupled with some sexy new publishing features coming in 2013 — including tighter integration with Mapbox to easily publish Indaba data on beautiful maps and customizeable widgets that will make web publication easier — we’re incredibly excited about what the future holds. So excited, in fact, that we want to recruit an experienced product manager to lead Indaba moving forward.

We’re looking for a half-nerd, half-strategist with a track record of building successful software tools and products. Maybe you come from a commercial software company, maybe you’re leading a product or digital strategy at a social sector organization. Regardless, you love building tools that help people solve problems. You get that software isn’t the end but the means for achieving more important ends. And you outgrew cliches about “clean code” a few years ago; you know that building successful software is actually a very messy process that involves failure, frustration, and some plain old good luck.

If that sounds a little like you, let’s talk.

The traditional bits are below — a fulsome job description, context, and an online form for applying. Dig in, check out Indaba, and let’s start the conversation.

— Nathaniel Heller





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