Annex 4: Natural Resource Governance – Review of Impact and Effectiveness of Transparency and Accountability Initiatives
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  • Introduction 5
  • Background: evolution of transparency and accountability initiatives in the extractives sector 6
  • Theories of change: what are the expected impacts and underlying assumptions about accountability and transparency initiatives? 8
  • Assessing the evidence: positive, unexpected, and inconclusive lessons on how impact takes place 9
  • Existing methods to evaluate impact of transparency and accountability initiatives 10
  • Factors contributing to impact 12
  • Remaining knowledge gaps 14
  • References and sources 15

Report insights + takeaways

Donor efforts
While development of citizens’ capacities remains at the core of these programs, fewer initiatives have called for explicit donor efforts to bring about meaningful change.
Project evaluations
Most successful project evaluations tend to assess significant changes in procedures at the organizational or institutional level.