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Re-imagining the Transparency and Accountability Initiative

$s$s$s Published: 4 years and 24 days ago

Over the last five years, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI) has worked with governments, foundations, NGOs, researchers, and other practitioners to galvanize support for ambitious new ideas in the field, including new technologies, policy innovations, and ways of funding. It has convened members of the field, commissioned research, and participated in major debates in the sector. Its Steering Committee has been led by a diverse group of leading funders, including the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Hivos, Ford Foundation, UK Department for International Development, Open Society Foundations (OSF), and Omidyar Network.

Earlier this year, the Steering Committee had an occasion to reflect on the last five years and the state of the field. We discussed that T/AI has played an important role in the field and provided benefits to a variety of efforts. The field has evolved greatly over the last five years, partially due to T/AI’s contributions. Some elements of T/AI’s work may fit better with other organizations in the field rather than with a donor collaborative.

We are in the process of soliciting feedback from T/AI’s key stakeholders to inform an ongoing institutional rethink with a focus on how T/AI could best serve its role as a donor collaborative. This includes commissioning an evaluation. This website will be updated periodically to reflect the new vision and plans for a reimagined T/AI as it evolves in 2016.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact

T/AI will recruit a new Executive Director over the coming months to help shape the forward-looking work program. In addition, after being hosted by the OSF since its launch in 2010, T/AI plans to transition to a new host organization in 2016.

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