Policy Innovations

Policy Innovations

The previous five years for T/AI has been a period of learning and evolution. Our group is in the process of folding in the insights we have gained into a new strategy that realigns our team’s mission with the ever-changing transparency, accountability and participation field. The new T/AI strategy will be launched in the fall of 2016.

The transparency and accountability field is one of the fastest growing public movements of recent years. There is now a huge potential to make ambitious, concrete gains in the next decade by bringing together the different strands of what has emerged as a thriving movement of transparency and accountability initiatives worldwide.

We work to identify turning points in the transparency and accountability movement and promote innovative ways in which transparency and accountability work can create change.

Innovating for change

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/A Initiative) has identified key areas where transparency and accountability work has the potential to break new ground at a scale that can have real impact. Our research identifies fresh thinking on ways to improve transparency and accountability through policy and programmes and suggests strategies on how to take such innovations forward.

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We are using our ability to bring people together to:

  • promote the development of an international norm for budget transparency and participation
  • lead a partnership of civil society organisations, funders and governments working with Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) and other leading G20 economies to improve the transparency of their natural resources projects
  • support a leading group of countries and civil society experts to develop the Open Government Partnership
  • ensure that information on foreign aid made open under the International Aid Transparency Initiative is accessed and used by local stakeholders
  • support the application of transparency and accountability best practices to the climate change field

Our research has examined a wide number of sectors including:

We recommend ways in which practitioners and policymakers can build on past successes and failures and take their transparency and accountability work to the next level. Our research includes two other work areas:

The New Technologies working group stimulates and advances the wider use of new technologies in the transparency and accountability field

The Impact and Learning working group reviews the impact of transparency and accountability initiatives worldwide.