Our Members Response to COVID-19 pandemic
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Funders and grantees alike are moving fast to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We know many grantees are reaching out to their funders for support and funders themselves are asking the questions on what is and isn’t feasible during this crisis. Notwithstanding, there is a lot of commonality on wanting to provide flexibility and relevant support for short-term coping and survival, as well as long-term strategic responses.

Below, you will find a pool of all public communications from our members. We thought it would be helpful to have this in one place for ease of comparison on responses as the event unfolds. We will continue to update the list over time.

In the meantime, tweet or email us if you have questions relevant to multiple funders or the broader funding community.

Chandler Foundation

  • Chandler Foundation’s CEO, Tim Hanstad writes a letter of support to partners.
  • Chandler Foundation’s CEO, Tim Hanstad joins other philanthropy organization to host a webinar on “Funding systems change: What can donors & doers learn from each other.”
  • Chandler Foundation hosted a webinar on Governance, Funding & COVID-19 on the Catalyst 2030 –Catalysing Change campaign platform to discuss how to hold governments accountable now and in the future.

Department of International Development (DFID)

  • UK Government’s response to COVID19.
  • DFID support grantees to stem the flow of misinformation about COVID-19.
  • UK Government set to release ‘contact tracking’ app which detects nearby carriers of the coronavirus.
  • UK Trade minister on how businesses can get help to keep trading.
  • DFID partners with Unilever to target a billion people in a global handwashing campaign.
  • DFID partners with Wellcome to launch an Emergency preparedness COVID-19 funding call– up to £2m over 2 years to strengthen the evidence base to better prevent and control coronavirus epidemics and to increase research and response capacity.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson approves £210 million of new UK aid funding to find a vaccine for coronavirus.
  • DFID’s Secretary of State, Anne-Marie Trevelyan joined other global Development Ministers to set out priorities for the COVID19 international response and highlighting the importance of the working together.
  • £544m has been spent so far is supporting vaccine, treatments research, protecting fragile economies, and helping organisations like WHO and UNICEF to slow the spread of the disease.
  • DFID partners Unilever to promote handwashing to stop the spread of coronavirus.
  • International Development Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan announced an additional £200m funding to prevent the second wave of the coronavirus spread. This includes £130m for United Nations agencies, £50m for the Red Cross, and £20m for non-government organisations, including UK charities.
  • The UK takes global leadership and pledged alongside 20 organizations and countries to give the world access to new coronavirus vaccines and treatments and will virtually co-host new Coronavirus Global Response Summit on 4 May 2020.
  • DFID commissioned a brief to provide concise, accessible, actionable, evidence-based guidance of value to health planners, managers and professionals in planning COVID-19 response.
  • DFID announced 40 charities and NGOs are now receiving new UK aid funding to tackle coronavirus.
  • Secretary of State Rt. Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP updates the House of Commons on the UK’s support for the global effort to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. She also wrote to DFID’s supply partners outlining support to keep critical aid programmes running to protect the most vulnerable in the world’s poorest countries.
  • Here is how DFID is supporting the effort to slow the spread of coronavirus in Africa and Middle East.

Ford Foundation

  • Ford Foundation joined a coalition of NYC based social services and cultural organizations to provide $75m support funding for COVID19 response.
  • Ford Foundation’s President, Darren Walker, on what the foundation is doing during the pandemic
  • Ford Foundation’s message of support to its grantees.
  • Another note from Darren Walker on how philanthropy organization can step up and step in
  • Ford Foundation joined 40 other philanthropy organizations to provide flexible funding that allows organizations to act fast and respond to the coronavirus crisis.
  • Ford Foundation’s grantee, Giving Tuesday, announces May 5 as a global day for generosity and unity with the goal of raising funds to help those impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Ford Foundation’s China Director Elizabeth Knup shares her thoughts on the impact of COVID19 on the NGO landscape in China moving forward as part of the National Committee on US-China Relation’s Coronavirus Impact Series.
  • Ford’s Director of Build, Kathy Reich writes on how foundations and grantees can build a better and more candid relation to fuel a meaningful, systematic change during this global health crisis.
  • Ford Foundation joins other funders on being transparent and flexible during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Darren Walker joins Bloomberg philanthropist Follow the Data podcast, to discuss the launch of NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund that aids NY’s social services & cultural organizations.
  • Ford’s President, Darren Walker shares insight on the impact of COVID19 on philanthropy organisations.
  • BBCWorld and The Daily Show interviews Darren Walker on why we need to release as many jails and prison residents to prevent a COVID-19 humanitarian crisis in correctional facilities.
  • Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundations joins five other foundations to launch a $20 million Families & Workers Fund to support low-wage workers and their families during this pandemic.
  • Darren Walker joined hundreds of artists at Global Citizen’s #TogetherAtHome virtual concert to announce the Families and Workers Fund
  • Ford Foundation President, Darren Walker and the President of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Rich Besser advocates for disability inclusion during the pandemic.
  • Darren Walker joined the Center for Asian American Media to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people of color, including the Asian Americans.
  • Ford Foundation’s Executive VP Hilary Pennington outlines how Ford is providing support to grantees during this pandemic and how funding & general support to grantees are key for nonprofits to withstand the impact of the coronavirus.
  • Ford Foundation’s Director of Future of Work(ers) program and the program office, Sarita Gupta and Rachel Korberg, advocates for more pay and support for low-wage workers who have seen us through this pandemic.
  • Ford Foundation launches a $100+ million economic recovery loan program to support New York State small businesses, nonprofits and small landlords that have seen a sharp reduction in rental income in need during COVID-19 outbreak.
  •  On The Quarantine Tapes podcast, Darren Walker speaks on collective interdependence, economic inequality, corporate responsibility, and how hope is crucial to our democracy.

Hewlett Foundation

  • Hewlett shuts down office as part of COVID-19 response.
  • Update from Hewlett Foundation’s Director Larry Kramer on the foundation’s COVID19 response.
  • Hewlett Foundation’s Global Development Transparency, Participation & Accountability team compiles tweet on how civil society organizations around the world are responding and adapting to COVID-19.
  • Hewlett Foundation’s Vice President, Fay Twersky shares a roadmap for funders seeking to act on their commitment.
  • Program Officer in Global Development and Population at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Sarah T. Lucas shares six lessons from Open Institute and’s #RestoreDataRights virtual forum.
  • Hewlett Foundation awards $10 million to support Silicon Valley Community Foundation COVID-19 relief efforts in the Bay Area. 


MacArthur Foundation

Open Society Foundation

  • The Open Society Foundations condemned the vote by the Hungarian parliament awarding Prime Minister Viktor Orban emergency powers to rule by decree indefinitely.
  • Founder of the Open Society Foundation, George Soros, announced a $1.1 million (ϵ1 million) to help Hungary’s capital, Budapest, prepare for the coronavirus pandemic.
  • OSF’s director of Global Drug Policy Program, Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch advocates for a decrease in the number of new people entering the criminal justice system during the pandemic.
  • Open Society Foundations Chairman, George Soros in an op-ed advised the US government to expand payroll guarantees to all U.S. workers displaced by the coronavirus and offer ways to restart the economy after the lockdown.
  • Open Society Foundations President, Patrick Gaspard highlights the foundation’s emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the announcement of a $130 million fund to help people hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Open Society Foundations’ President, Patrick Gaspard’s shares important reminder on the need to protect civil liberties and address underlying disparities on violations of fundamental rights in the face of COVID-19.
  • Here is how Open Society Foundations is supporting its grantees.
  • Open Society Foundations commits $37million emergency support fund to address the impact of COVID-19 in New York City, the epicentre of U.S. COVID-19 crisis. The fund will provide relief to informal gig workers, domestic workers, low-wage workers, caregivers, as well as immigrant and undocumented families.
  • The Open Society Foundations will spend more than $1 million to help the District of Columbia respond to short-term needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • President of the Open Society Foundations, Patrick Gaspard condemns social distancing policing.
  • OSF’s Senior Managing Legal Officer, Chidi Odinkalu on how COVID-19 could upend the legitimacy of elections in Africa as authoritarianism beckons.
  • OSF President, George Soros weigh in on the effects of Covid-19 on globalization and the future of the US, China and the EU in the post-pandemic world.
  • President of the Open Society Foundations, Patrick Gaspard joins world leaders to demand that a COVID-19 vaccine be made available for all.
  • Deputy Chairman, Open Society Foundations US, Alexander Soros, advocates for drug policy reform in the face of COVID-19.
  • Open Society Foundations Director of the Women’s Rights Program, Kavita N. Ramdas wants philanthropy organization to respond to Covid-19 by focusing on the impact on women.
  • The Open Society Foundations announced a $500,000 investment in Puerto Rico to support health care workers, workers excluded from government stimulus packages, access to legal aid, and advocacy efforts to ensure progressive economic solutions.
  • Executive Director of the Open Society Justice Initiative, James A. Goldston is concerned about legal challenges to economic injustice and how the court will shape the post-pandemic world.
  • Regional Manager for Advocacy and Security Policy at the Open Society Initiative for Europe, Cristina Goñi reminds us why we must remain vigilant to intrusive and ubiquitous technological surveillance.

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